Ruby's influence over the Elixir language

17.00 - 18.00, rooms.last

Elixir is a functional language that runs over the Erlang virtual machine. Despite being Erlang inside, Elixir has a Ruby-like syntax, with do...end blocks and many intentional name collisions with Ruby's keywords and library methods. This makes it easier for Rubysts to pick it up than most other functional languages with arcane syntaxes. The talk will present elements of the Elixir language. We'll also look at the Phoenix web framework and how it was influenced by Ruby on Rails.

Paolo Montrasio

I've been a software developer since the 80's and a technical project manager since the mid 90's. I lived through many technologies (C, HTML, Perl, Java, JavaScript) and I embraced Ruby on Rails in 2005. I still write software but I also design applications and coordinate developers' work.