Streamline your development environment with Docker

11.30 - 12.30, rooms.first

These days applications are getting more and more complex. It's becoming quite difficult to keep track of all the different components an application needs in order to function (a database, a message queueing system, a web server, a document store, a search engine, you name it.). How many times we heard 'it worked on my machine'?. In this talk we are going to explore Docker, what it is, how it works and how much it can benefit in keeping the development environment consistent. We are going to talk about Dockerfiles, best practices, tools like fig and vagrant, and finally show an example of how it applies to a ruby on rails application.

Giacomo Bagnoli

Software and system engineer, python developer moved to ruby. Obsessive about monitoring and automation. Co-founder of Asidev, an Italian company specialized in the development of web applications, then Search Engineer at Amazon, where he worked on both AWS CloudSearch and retail ProductSearch. Currently at Gild, where he helps to develop, maintain, scale the backend service and to build the infrastructure that supports services.